A sketch page, some sleazy rushed spraypainting and a link to a thing

Yesterday I went and did some spraypainting down at Irene’s  in Brunswick after getting invited by mr Views. You can see a bit of his unfinished, but definitely exciting piece to the left of my usual Girl/Cat/Skulls nonsense. I’m not sure whose piece that is to the right though.

this sketch page features a failed illustration attempt (one of MANY) for a skateboard related illustration I’m supposed to have done, and above it is the cover for a mix cd for a friend who wanted to do a mix cd swap. Yep people still do these.

Oh and finally, a while back I sent a couple paintings away to Sydney for the Medium: Vinyl show at the Hardware gallery . Anyway I was gutted I couldn’t make it up there but luckily the nice people at Strobed took some photos and wrote some choice words on their site.  Check it out at this link: http://www.strobed.com.au/2010/05/medium-vinyl-hardware-opening/#more-1253


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